November 2016

Agent of Innovation

It’s often said that some of the best innovations come not from those who develop products, but those who use them. In the realm of public health, one shining example is Dr. Norbert Becker’s ice granule innovation (1998) for application of Bti and Aedes mosquito control in the Upper Rhine Valley. Scientific Director of the German Mosquito Control Association, Becker developed special equipment to transform a powdered formulation of Bti into ice pellets (IcyPearls) for wide-area aerial applications over aquatic habitats, providing several benefits. Since the granules float as they melt, IcyPearls’ powerful protoxins are released directly onto the water’s surface to awaiting mosquito larvae. The containment of Bti in the ice also reduces loss of product due to application friction and increases swath width – further reducing costs.


Mortality rates measured from
 Bti IcyPearls applications in
 the Upper Rhine Valley.


The percentage of breeding sites in the Upper Rhine Valley treated with helicopters and IcyPearls since 2007.

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