September 2016

Promise in the Air

Our forests are among our most precious natural resources. Sustainable bacterial larvicides play a key role in protecting them from invasive pests and defoliators. In the mid-1980s, the technology for efficiently protecting millions of forested acres took a quantum leap forward with the advent of software and advanced aerial guidance/mapping systems using GPS and GIS. As computer technologies continued to evolve, complementary enhancements in formulation technology and application systems joined to hone the effectiveness and efficiency of these large-scale operations. In 2009, when the first locally transmitted dengue cases in 75 years struck Florida, concerted efforts began to quickly adapt these forest protection technologies for public health. In 2010, the first ever wide-area aerial application program using Bti against dengue vectors became part of an intensive larval source management program to curtail the outbreak.

Gypsy moth caterpillar


Confirmed cases of locally acquired dengue in Monroe County, Florida, in 2010.


Cases of locally acquired dengue in Monroe County, Florida, since 2010.