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Resistance in the Limelight

A recent publication by a renowned molecular biologist sparks a media frenzy surrounding resistance

Doctor Shinji Kasai is somewhat of hero within the mosquito community. Dr. Kasai is a molecular biologist who has devoted his entire career and much [...]

Urban Africa Faces Invasive Challenge

Malaria numbers are surging in the Horn of Africa, but not in rural settings.

Djibouti is a small country of around 900,000 inhabitants on the Horn of Africa that rests on the shores of Bab al-Mandab strait, just 20 [...]

Malaria’s Long Tail

The impacts of severe malaria cases on children are well documented, but the effects of mild infections on child development are less understood. The statistics [...]

WMR 2015 Celebrates Successes, Highlights Challenges

2015 WORLD MALARIA REPORT MARKS END OF MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS ERA In her forward to the 2015 World Malaria Report (WMR), World Health Organization (WHO) [...]

The Neglected Public Health Threat of Chagas Disease

The term “vector-borne disease” usually brings to mind a familiar list of names: malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, onchocerciasis, yellow fever. But there’s another [...]

The Changing Nature of Disease Management

As conditions in Southeast Asia continue to evolve, public health officials are constantly monitoring the transmission of multiple vectorborne diseases and adjusting their strategies to [...]

Letter from the Editor

Hello, and welcome to our January 2016 edition of Public Health Landscape (PHL), a newsletter supporting our mission as public health professionals. The newsletter development [...]

Zika Roundtable Brings Together Public and Private Sectors

Member of the roundtable pictured left to right: Moderator Undersecretary Catherine Novelli, Dr. Steve Krause, Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Margaret Mcdonnell, Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer. Photo [...]