Volume 29 / October 2018

Strategic Partnership in Public Health

VBC Public Health ADAPCOTo better serve vector management programs across the US and Caribbean, starting October 1, VBC and ADAPCO combined their respective market strengths by entering into a long-term strategic alignment. In an exclusive agreement, ADAPCO Technical Sales Representatives joined forces with VBC Technical Development Specialists and Technical Sales Specialists to provide the highest level of service to their clients.

In the month since the transition, the companies have begun to attend industry events as partners with tremendous success. The teams expect the positive momentum to continue as the collaboration develops.

“This partnership creates an exciting future for both businesses, our mosquito abatement customers, and the people they protect,” said Steve Krause, Director of VBC’s global public health business. “Vector control is a highly technical industry, and ADAPCO’s proven history of excellence in the design and operation of equipment, field support, customer service, and the handling of VBC solutions made it a clear partnership choice going forward.”

According to Krause, the partnership blossomed through ADAPCO’s work with VBC’s award-winning technology across five Western states. Developed through more than 20 years of global research, Wide Area Larvicide Spray (WALS™) leverages VectoBac®, VBC’s advanced Bacillus thuringiensis spp. israelensis Strain AM65-52 (Bti) technology using a breakthrough method for delivering biorational larvicides into the hard-to-reach areas where Dengue- and Zika-transmitting mosquitoes breed. VBC won a Chicago Innovation Award for the WALS application technology in 2017.

This alignment of industry-leading teams – Valent Biosciences’ leadership in the space of biorational larvicides, together with ADAPCO’s field and application expertise – promises to usher in a transformational future for vector control in these regions. Both companies are excited to foster a new era of vector control and mosquito suppression.