Seeing the forest through the trees is an expression you may not think of when the topic of global warming comes up. However, 31% of [...]
The impacts of severe malaria cases on children are well documented, but the effects of mild infections on child development are less understood. The statistics [...]
The notion of One Health – the combined and connected health of humans, animals, plants, and the environment – is both simple and ancient. The [...]
It would be extremely difficult to calculate, with any high degree of accuracy, the global economic impact of insecticide resistance. For starters, we must consider [...]
For mosquito abatement and vector control professionals, insecticide resistance is an ongoing battle that ultimately manifests at the local level. As attendees at the 2022 [...]
Insecticide resistance is a global problem that poses mounting challenges to human health. Insects' ability to quickly adapt to chemical interventions renders products ineffective and [...]
Let's take a moment and discuss some key precepts that relate strongly to Public Health and more narrowly, to vector-borne disease management: a proactive vs. [...]