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Silencing River Blindness

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It All Started with a Gift

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New MoA Success Drives Provocative Research with Broad Implications

FEATURE: August 2021

Valent BioSciences Team Brings Forth Novel Mode of Action Targeting Pyrethroid-Resistant Mosquitoes

FEATURE: October 2021
First in a Four Part Series

Resisting Resistance

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Opinion: Ending Malaria in Africa needs to Focus on Poverty: Quick Fixes Won’t Cut It

Silas Majambere, Université des sciences, des techniques et des technologies de Bamako Globally more than 400,000 people die of malaria annually. Africa carries a disproportionate [...]
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Insecticide Resistance in Arthropods

Insecticide resistance is a global problem that poses mounting challenges to human health. Insects' ability to quickly adapt to chemical interventions renders products ineffective and [...]

Opinion: Put VectorSurv on the Map

Let's take a moment and discuss some key precepts that relate strongly to Public Health and more narrowly, to vector-borne disease management: a proactive vs. [...]
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Resisting Resistance

In biological terms, resistance can be defined as the natural ability of an organism to withstand a damaging agent or adverse condition. Animals, plants, and [...]
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Valent BioSciences Team Brings Forth Novel Mode of Action Targeting Pyrethroid-Resistant Mosquitoes

Ten-Year Development Project Results in potential for First Mosquito Adulticide Based on Fermentation Technology An Experimental Use Permit (EUP) application has been submitted to US [...]

Pyrethroid Resistance in Culex tarsalis in Regions of Northern California

Culex tarsalis is an important vector of West Nile Virus and other arboviruses in the Western US. Once more common in rural areas, Culex tarsalis is now often found in residential areas and faces insecticide pressure both from vector[…]