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Acclimating in a COVID Climate

Dr. Waheed Bajwa answers the phone in his lab coat. He’s been looking at samples under the microscope, thinking about things most people will never [...]

Tick Season Troubles

Even while staying six feet apart, people venturing outside during quarantine are being exposed to other diseases: those carried by ticks. Ticks don’t obey any [...]

Climate Change May Be Increasing EEE Pressure

In 2019, cases of the mosquito-borne virus Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) hit a record high in the United States. 38 people were diagnosed and 15 [...]

COVID-19 Draws Focus Away from Hypertension

A lack of medical attention threatens the health of thousands of hypertension patients globally, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly half the adult population is [...]

COVID-19 Impacts on Maternal Health

Pregnant women aren’t more likely to contract COVID-19, case studies show, but they may be more likely to have fatal complications during childbirth as COVID-19 [...]

National WALS™ Summit Opens for Registration

Virtual summit on the WALS biorational application strategy for control of container mosquitoes brings educational opportunity and CEUs for abatement professionals in many as 20 [...]