What is the Future of One Health?

September 2022:

What is the Future of One Health?

Economics of Resistance

August 2022:

The Economics of Resistance

Summit Recap

JUNE 2022:

Global Mosquito Resistance Management Summit Recap

Resisting Resistance

FEATURE: November 2021
Second in the Series

Insecticide Resistance in Arthropods

Breakthrough MOA - copy

FEATURE: August 2021

Valent BioSciences Team Brings Forth Novel Mode of Action Targeting Pyrethroid-Resistant Mosquitoes

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What is the Future of One Health?

The notion of One Health – the combined and connected health of humans, animals, plants, and the environment – is both simple and ancient. The [...]

The Economics of Resistance

It would be extremely difficult to calculate, with any high degree of accuracy, the global economic impact of insecticide resistance. For starters, we must consider [...]

Review of Resistance in US Mosquitoes

For mosquito abatement and vector control professionals, insecticide resistance is an ongoing battle that ultimately manifests at the local level. As attendees at the 2022 [...]

Molecular Drivers of Insecticide Resistance in Malaria Vectors

Presenting to an audience of some 600 online attendees at the Global Mosquito Resistance Management Summit, Professor Charles S. Wondji of The Liverpool School of [...]

Surveillance of Insecticide Resistance and Operational Research with Aedes aegypti in Mexico

Gabriela González Olvera, PhD, works within the Collaborative Unit for Entomological Bioassays, University of Yucatan, Mexico; and is part of an ongoing effort that involves [...]

Susceptibility Status of Insecticides used for Mosquito Control in Asia

As part of its international outlook, the Global Mosquito Resistance Management Summit (held online in late March 2022) featured a review of insecticide resistance status [...]

Life After Insecticide Resistance is Detected: A Conversation

After detecting insecticide resistance, understanding resistance management methods is key. This was the takeaway from a presentation from Dina Fonseca of the Rutgers University Center [...]

Resistance Management: If Every Problem is Unique, can the Answer Be the Same?

Click on image to enlarge Janet McAllister, the distinguished PhD Medical Entomologist from the CDC Arboviral Diseases Branch of the CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, [...]

Transient Tolerance to Pyrethroids in Gravid Mosquitoes

Innovation stemming from research is clearly the path to future progress in pursuit of resistance-breaking interventions for vector control. Mark Clifton, Executive Director of Chicago’s [...]