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The Art & Science of Public Health

Art meeting Science

Throughout human history, improvements in our quality of life have often been driven by the science of public health. But just as important is the communication and collaboration with a wide spectrum of health professions and the global population at-large. Open information across disciplines and audiences is our way of affecting human behavior and well-being.

Welcome to Public Health Landscape, an online publication that weaves together the art and science of public health. Our canvas is painted with a broad spectrum of colors and mediums, highlighting the beauty and diversity of this critical field.

Public Health Landscapes offers a 360° view of global public health discoveries, issues, and results. We use this platform to connect and engage with a wide audience, promoting accurate information and education. Every month, we share important events, news, and people demonstrating the courage and passion it takes to protect and promote public health.

As researchers, practitioners, public health advocates, and artists, we are all contributing to the creation of a beautiful and vibrant public health landscape. Together, we can shape the canvas and create a healthier and brighter future for all.